Other Services

Spring Cloud GCP has idiomatic integrations and starters for a number of Google Cloud services, but not all services. There may be cases where you need to use a Google Cloud client library directly. In this case, you can re-use basic bootstrapping provided by the Spring Cloud GCP, so you can have a consistent way of specifying credentials for your application.


Spring Cloud GCP already imports the Google Cloud Java BOM, and it already has encoded the client library versions. So you can specify any Google Cloud client library without explicitly specifying a version. This is great to ensure that you are using a compatible version of a Google Cloud client library.

For example, to add Container Analysis client library:



You need Google Cloud credentials to access any services. Spring Cloud GCP Core produces a CredentailsProvider bean so you can re-use the same credentials.

Usually you only need a singleton instance of the client library, so it makes sense to configuring it as a Spring Bean. Most client libraries needs to be shutdown gracefully, so you should specify the destroyMethod as well:

@Bean(destroyMethod = "shutdownNow")
ContainerAnalysisClient containerAnalysisClient(CredentialsProvider credentialsProvider) throws IOException {
  return ContainerAnalysisClient.create(

Project ID

In rare cases, you may want to know which Project ID you are currently configured to use by default. You can find out from the GcpProjectIdProvider bean.

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