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Memory Store is a fully managed in-memory cache service having protocol compatibility with Redis and Memcached. See documentations for Memorystore Redis and Memorystore Memcached (beta) for more information.

Zonal Resource

Memorystore is zonal, meaning each Memorystore instance is only available within a zone, or accessible from other zones within the same region. For high-availability, create a Standard tier instance, which includes a failover replica in a separate zone.


All Memorystore instances can only be accessed by a private IP on a VPC network. You can connect to a Memorystore instance from different Google Cloud Platform computing resources differently. In general, VM-based products (Compute Engine, Kubernetes Engine, and App Engine Flexible) requires the VM to be on the same VPC, and Serverless products requires VPC Service Connector.
Compute Engine
Kubernetes Engine
App Engine Flexible
App Engine Standard
Cloud Run
Cloud Function

Protocol Compatibility

Because Memorystore is protocol compatible. You can use existing Spring Boot integration with Redis and Memcached as-is.